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. >> biden's visit may rally the base riding on obama's coattails may not be enough in the 23rd congressional district. it is dominated by registered republicans who outnumber democrats and internally, the hoffman campaign says that their internal poll numbers are showing that the president's approval ratings here in this district are lower than across the national average. we're at a hoffman rally right now. wewe were at an an owens rally this morning. both candidates are rout looking for the last-minute votes. bret: the republican challenger is making life difficult for the democratic incumbent in new jersey. shannon bream is live tonight. good evening. aheading into tomorrow's election, the polls in new jersey could not be any tighter and with no easy way to predict a winner at this point, both the top candidates are working around the clock trying to sway minds an solidify their base going into elect day. >> you know it's an important election when your president comes here three times over four months. >> but half those visits translated to jon corzine. the latest quinnipiack poll shows
against the taliban and the future of american soldiers on the front lines. well, president obama's name won't be on the ballot this election day, but as far as the white house is concerned, well, there could be much at stake for his administration as there is for any candidate craving victory this tuesday. the biggest indication of this, the president obama's blip across new jersey with corzine, the fight of his political life with chris christie. right now it's a statistical dead heat. despite the involvement of independent candidate chris daggett. huge one of three important races that could indicate the future political climate in the u.s. another new york's 23rd congressional race, in another surprising development, the g.o.p. candidate who suddenly suspended her campaign yesterday is now endorsing her former democratic rival over the conservative party candidate. more on that in just a moment. meanwhile, it's shaping up to be a g.o.p. victory in virginia's gubernatorial race. and mcdonnell leads in the polls. last november president obama became the first democratic presidential no
that will serve as a referendum on the era of obama. it is for that reason over the past few weeks eyes have turned towards the great state of new jersey and the gubernatorial race there, new jersey consider chris christie is giving jon corzine a run for his money. polls show the two neck and neck. tonight we have gathered a room full of new jersey voters to find out what they care about before they go to the polls on tuesday. joining me is pollster of the word doctors author of "what americans want really" frank luntz is here. in a by part zahn group of new jersey volters. welcome to "hannity" tonight. >> first we we always ask how many of you voted for obama? wow. it is more republican. if christie can win this race it sends a message to washington, d.c. you heard the phrase, i am mad at hell. how many of you define yourselves as mad as hell. raise your hands. even those who voted for barack obama the entire front row is mad as hell. what are you angry at? >> unemployment that the rates keep getting higher and nothing is getting re -- resolved for that. >> who do you blame? >> people runn
they can win by getting the same person who recommended barack obama to the poll meanwhile, mcdonell is poised to become the first governor of the commonwealth since jim gilmore. new jersey will also choose its governor. president obama hit the campaign trail and he campaigned for john corzine. he's in a tough re-election race. he's come under fire for the way he handled the state's finances. at a rally in camden, obama told the crowd that this could be blamed on corzine's opponent. >>> police are trying to find a gunman who opened fire in the middle of a crowded halloween party in howard county killing one man. the 19 year old, aaron bryce of silver spring was killed in columbia. a second man was also shot. his relatives say he's paralyzed. officers found about 100 people in the house when they arrived shortly after 1:15 a.m. bryce died at the scene. >> he was a fine young man. never gave anybody a problem. he had a nice personality. and people loved him. you know? and you never heard him complain about having any conflicts in school with anybody. and he liked people. >> autho
around the country, a bid that will serve as a referendum on the era of obama. it is for that reason over the past few weeks eyes have turned towards the great state of new jersey and the gubernatorial race there, where chris christie is given democratic governor jon corzine a run for his money. polls show the two neck in neck. tonight we have gathered a room full of new jersey voters right here tonight to find out what they care about before they go to the polls on tuesday. joining me now is pollster president of the word doctors and author of the new book, "what americans really want, really," frank luntz is here. guys, welcome to "hannity" tonight. [applause] you all give yourself a good hand. here we go. >> the first question we always ask -- how many of you voted for barack obama? raise your hands. wow. >> this is new jersey. remember, new jersey is more democrat than republican. sean: right. >> so if christie can win this race, it sends a real message to washington, d.c. i want to ask y'all -- you've heard the phrase "i'm mad at hell." how many define yourselves as mad as hell? rais
and chris christie are crossing the state. president obama made his fifth election stop in new jersey yesterday to try to secure the democratic win. from what both new jersey and virginia as gubernatorial races and the national implications of them, watch our battleground virginia special at 11:35 p.m. after abc7 news at 11:00. >> president obama called afghan president hamid karzai today to congratulate him on his victory, but also had advice for him. he told them he expects more effort to end government corruption in afghanistan. karzai won a second term after the runoff election was cancelled after his opponent dropped out. his opponent said the second election would be as fraudulent as the first one. >> karas holmes is live from rock field tonight where they're considering same-sex benefits for contract workers. >> the call it the same sex equal benefit and hendrika and when you does contract work for the county would be covered. -- under its, anyone who does contract work for the county would be covered. >> those are families and these are working people. that iexactly the kind o
has put the elect in jeopardy. that complicates matters for the obama administration on the skrernlg of deciding whether to send more u.s. troops to afghanistan backing a government many consider i will legit mal. katherine brown reports. >> reporter: the top challenger has walked away. >> i will not participate in the november 7th election. >> reporter: that all but guarantees the current president, hamid karzai, will remain in power after saturday's runoff vote. but casts further doubt on on the legitimacy of a government already riddled with charges of skrupgs. abdullah abdullah believes a fair election is impossible and urged afghans not to accept the results. his supporters hope the results will eventually be thrown out and a new election scheduled for the spring. u.n. officials called for the runoff after they found nearly 1/3 of karzai's votes in the first round were fraud uhe lebt. if u.n. officials decide to go ahead with the election, karzai spokesperson insistses it will be be free of corruption. >> we will deal with the government, there are obviously there are issues we
the scenes look at barack obama's historic race for the white house. norton is the producer of the much-anticipated documentary about the barack obama campaign called "by the people." also, marcus roberts. after losing his eyesight at age 5 marcus taught himself how to play piano and now fronts his own jazz trio. marcus roberts perform a song from his new c.d.. we're glad you've joined us. >> there are so many things that wal-mart is looking forward to doing, like helping people live better but mostly we're looking forward to building stronger communities and relationships because with your help the best is yet to come. >> nationwide nationwide proudly supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance -- working to improve financial literacy and the empowerment that comes with it. >> nationwide is on your side. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: pleased to welcome edward norton back to this program. the two-time oscar nominee has moved behind the camera for his much-anticipated film about the ascendancy of barack obama to the white h
? juliet: one year after president obama's victory, the republicans are mounting a comeback. jon: in the middle box, how much will nancy pelosi's health care bill cost you and your family? in 30 minutes, we will break it down for you. we will break it down for you. juliet: in bottom box, halloween is over, but there's breaking information of a house of horrors. trace: we begin with what is quickly becoming a major political story. we have brand new stores on a race that has become a dog fight. both leading candidates for the new jersey governor's race are frantically tried to stir up final votes. the democrats jon corzine getting a high-profile show support from president obama over the weekend. chris christie getting help from former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. look at the polls. has chris christie with a slight lead. the independent, chris stacdaggt has 11.6% 2 shannon bream, the latest polls have this thing looking like a dead heat. >> the republican challenger, chris christie is on top in the real clear politics average. the new poll members that. -- mirr
's elections. will barack obama help them win? >>> then, running research. with no shoes and a new book, one man's insight on marathons and human endurance. >>> and, movie magic. michael jackson tops the box office charts. ♪ they say why, why tell them that it's hun nature ♪ >> impressions of "this is it" in "insomniac theater." it's monday, november 2nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we both saw the movie over the weekend and i have to say i burned calories during the movie. >> you were the dancing guy? >> i was moving. the eater was sort of empty so i could gyrate at will. and nobody would pay attention. >> i think you'd be hard-pressed to not dance at least once during that. >> right. it brought back a lot of fond memories. michael in his healthier looking days certainly. and it was interesting. we'll talk about it. >> don't ruin it. >> i'll try not to. >> stay tuned for that part, we'll talk about it. >> stick around, we'll give our reviews. good morning on this monday. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> president obama is putting hit political clout on the
of that country's opposition presidential candidate. president obama h h been counting on a clean election in afghanistan as he weighs sending 40,000 more u.s. troops there.e. but hopes for a legitimate process are now all but lost after president hamid karzai's main challenger dropped out of the race. here's david kerley. >> reporter: they will all feel the effect. the more than 100,000 allied troops, the afghan people, of this man's decision to quit next weekend's presidential runoff. >> i will not participate in the november 7th elections. >> reporter:r:bdullah abdullah's exit from the presidential race hands victory to the incumbent, president hamid karzai, a victory that is tainted by massive fraud in the first election back in august. still, abdullah urged his followers to remain calm. >> so that's the call for myself, not to go to the reets, no demonstrations. >> reporter: presisint karzai is set to rule the war-torn nation for another five years partnering with the u.s. amidst accusations he is ineffective and corrupt. >> i think it's time for us to stop beating up on president kar
that have not begun for democrats since the civil war. >> except obama. you can't keep dropping the fact. >> at the congressional level. >> here's what dede scozzafava said when she endorsed the candidate. i have stood for honest principles and truthful discussion >> is it just scozzafava sour grapes or is the hard right conservative so wrong the liberal republicans couldn't stomach the idea of him going to congress? we are blessed to have judge jeanine pirro who aside from being a start of her own hit show was the elected district attorney the republican candidate statewide for attorney general back in 2006 if i am not mistaken. that district up there what does it mean? >> i know that district. i talk to people up there today. it is the north country in new york state. this has been the district where there has been a republican candidate sints the 1850s. you have dede who is pro choice, pro same sex marriage pro hard checks for the no secret ballots in unionizing private sectors. she is so out of touch with constituency the fact that she got the nomination is incredible. more incredibl
with barack obama an early supporter, they were supporters of obama. he talked with google about an open net and supporting places like silicon valley. the reality is that engineers as britent as understanding science, they lack and in feeling. gates would question his motives. he thought he was doing good. he thought he was creating an operating system this was universal. what gates doesn't understand is fear. fear would move dpens them. microsoft now is on the other side lobbying. google has too much sway over advertising. the same kind of people had an interest in the competition >> check out this picture. they have 2 (000) 000-0000? >> they have $21 billion. >> after only being in business 11 years. >> that's roughly the same amount of ad dollars. >> these are just the little ads off to the right-hand side. and it's 2/3 of what all the newspapers are bringing in >> i'll read this to you, "two millionaires who would buy this straight from it's all over you tube. can you find it there. you can. it's a retreat. it's kind of like a wood stock retreat in oout in the desert. it's in late augus
have been made. president obama faces a milestone this week, the first anniversary of his election. though comes as the economy is showing signs of >> americans all around the country continue to ask the question, where are the jobs? >> republicans are saying the obama administration is not creating or saving the jobs. >> most of the jobs that are created or government jobs. >> the treasury secretary predicts a shocking recovery. >> this is a very tough economy. it is going to take some time for unemployment to come down and for jobs to get created again. >> he says the stimulus spending is just starting to show results. he says it is far too early as to whether government spending will be needed more. the president does not want to break one of his key campaign promises and raise taxes on the middle class. in washington, wbal-tv. >> u.s. senator ben cardin is also weighing in on the economy. he told our correspondent what he says is the real signs of recovery. >> it starts with consumer confidence. people wanting to go to a restaurant or buy a new car or home. it starts with havin
. campaignering president obama making his third stop to the garden state over the weekend, lending his support to the democratic incumbent governor, jon corzine. meantime, gop stars like rudy giuliani are stumping for the republican challenger. the democratic candidate for governor in virginia is facing an uphill battle right now. we have team fox coverage on at all. shannon is live in new jersey. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in richmond, virginia. let's go first to shannon. the latest poll offers hope to christie and his supporters, but is it all good news? >> it is kind of a toss up because the republican challenger does go ahead. the incumbentfor them when theye bush actually decide to go for someone else, so we pushed, as they would choose one of the other two, more of them went with cprzome than christie. -- more of them went with corzine than christie. bill: what is the mood like in these two camps as we get ready for this vote tomorrow? >> because this race is so tight, well within the margin of error, it could go either way. both candidates still in areas. chris c
by first-round fraud has been abandoned but leaves a mess of questions unanswered. president obama has spoken to president karzai isaiah about corruption and about writing a new cheapter. the latest from washington in a moment. first this from kabul. >> it's cost millions of pounds and dozens of lives to get to this moment and it came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of kabul. >> we declare that mr. hamid karzai, which got the majority of votes in the first round and he is the only candidate for the second round of elections for afghanistan in 2009, be declared the elected president of afghanistan. >> the heads of the election board was besieged with questions about fraud, corruption, and how a man who won less than half the vote could be president again. >> are you not embarrassed by the way this is being conducted? >> why? >> because you've been forced to withdraw a second round. >> that was our duty. the constitution [inaudible]. >> world leaders have rushed to congratulate hamid karzai. but he emerges weaker than ever. in charge of a country more divided and dangerous than
as it is to destroy obama." wow. wier eafer eating our own -- wow, we're eating our own. do i have blood on my cheeks anywhere? that surprises me, because i didn't know i was eating people, but i guess arlen specter is a person, technically. i mean, the guy whose view and party blow the political winds, i'm eating him, huh? the guy who cares more about ethics and nfl coaches than the massive debt that america is piling upen or the ethics in congress and olympia snowe, the conservative who is playing ball in healthcare for i don't even know why, and then, of course, the new york republican candidate whose pro choice, pro stimulus, undecided on the public option, and accepted the past endorsements from acorn and the working families party, which is the political arm of acorn. if that is what they use to describe eating your own, then, yep, this big fat fatty is just stuffing my belly, and i got a bigger belly than christie what's his face running for governor there in new jersey. yep, there's plenty of room in the belly. a lot more eating to do, i guess. here is the latest update on our own candidate i
and world report about looking at the obama administration one year later. is the fascination over? that's what some are saying or is this the real deal? we'll talk with him. and the virginia governor race is a big deal with mcdonnell leading. are we seeing a backlash from folks not happy with the obama administration. we'll look at the first year in office. >>> first we want to go to tucker barnes and find out what we have in store for today's weather forecast. hello, tucker. >> thanks very much, tony. cool weather to start the day. a mix of sun and clouds across the region and temperatures back in the upper 40s and low 50s. hang in there. we'll see more sunshine than yesterday. although we won't be in the clear here until tomorrow. 52 degrees to start the day at reagan national. we bottomed out in the low 50s here, about 51. 49 in new york city. look at the cool air off to the north and west. pittsburgh was in the low 30s. columbus was in a freezing mark an hour ago and now up to 41. so we're starting the warming trend. never get a chance to warm up across the washington area as our af
has president obama been doing there? kelly: basically he is trying to promote the man who is an incumbent, someone who could take on the challenge of running the garden state and the good works that he claims he has done. he is facing quite a threat from the republican challenger, chris christie. the governor yesterday basically stated that the president is his hero. the president said that this crisis that we are trying to get out of has been peddled by the republican party for years. the president said that this mess was created when he was sworn in. the race is in a dead heat. bill: put out that fire down the street. kelly: not coming here, fortunately. [laughter] bill: from new jersey to virginia, what is the investment by the white house on that side? >> a tough race for them. the democratic candidate is double digits behind the republican candidate, who has been winning the kinds of supporters that the president got during the election. independent voters, moderate republicans, bob mcconnell has been taking a strong message to them. as a result of that, deeds has bac
. and president obama joined jon corzine on the campaign trail. >> this was not a question of obama policies or corzine paula sees that will lead us into this -- policies that led us into this. >>> investigators are trying to figure out how a halloween party ended up deadly. it was in colombia, and a 19- year-old from silver spring was killed -- it was in columbia, maryland. another was shot and paralyzed. so far, no arrests. they say the home was rented out for the party. >>> a former police chief charged with dui appears in a youtube video on the dangers of drinking and driving. he was arrested july 25 after an accident in arlington, in his blood-alcohol limit was more than twice the legal limit. he spent time in jail and resigned. >> when you get to the decision point, whatever that is, think of it. >> baker says he has been in contact with the other driver involved in that collision, and that woman suffered whiplash and back pain. >>> turning now to the h1n1 outbreak, 10 million more doses are expected to become available of the vaccine this week. vaccine manufacturers where apparently w
. now president obama speaking with the swedish prime minister. he will talk afghanistan in this. let's listen. >> although the process was messy, i am pleased to say that the final outcome was determined in accordance with afghan law, which i think is very important, not only for the international community that has so much invested in afghan success, but most importantly is important for the afghan people, that the results were in accordance with and followed the rules laid down by the afghan constitution. i did emphasized to president karzai that the american people and the international community as a whole want to continue to partner with him and his government in achieving prosperity and security in afghanistan, but i emphasize that this has to be a point of time in which we began to write a new chapter based on improved governance, a much more serious effort to eradicate corruption, a joint efforts to accelerate the training of afghan security forces, so that the afghan people can provide for their own security. that kind of coordination and a sense on the part of president kar
deeply with the courageous proposal made by u.s. president obama for a world free from nuclear weapons and i strongly support this call. but nuclear abolition is not the goal for which the united states should be asked to bear full responsibility. rather it is necessary for all countries to recognize their responsibility and take action. as the only country to have experienced the use of nuclear weapons in war, japan has called for nuclear abolition and has maintained three anti-nuclear principles. no country can be more convincing for a world without nuclear weapons than japan. i am resolutely determined that japan will fulfill its role as a global bridge to contribute to nuclear disarmament and non- proliferation so that we can take an important step toward leaving the children of the future of world free from nuclear weapons. [applause] japan is a maritime country position in the asia-specific region. sent agent times, japan's rich culture was often to exchanges and trade with different cultures. we must never allow the seas surrounding japan to again become the site of battle. we m
her support behind the democratic owens. in new jersey, thank you, president obama held rallies in cam den and newark to give last-minute health to governor corzine. is he locked in a tight race with republican challenger chris christie. right now that race a statistical dead heat despite the involve of independent candidate chris dag get. virginia crisscross the states one more day. bob mock donald is expected to defeat democrat creigh deeds. suspect accused of murdering four men at a television store just arrested. police arrested the suspect across the state line in virginia a few hours ago now. police had been looking for gonzalez since yesterday when he allegedly gunned down four men in a parking lot. officers say the shootings do not appear to be random and that the men were at the store for a reason. a desperate attempt to find survivors underway this morning after a boat sinks in remote seas off australia. the boat started taking on water near the co-coast cocos islands. refugees trying to seek asylum. lending giant cit group says it's drowning in debt, despite getting more tha
'm confronting? >> president obama made campaign appearances for cree deeds and john corzine. the president carried both states last november. tomorrow's race could be seen as a referendum on president obama and his policies. >> political steam has the gubernatorial race at the top of their list. a blue state would be damaging to them politically. >> tomorrow's races could shed light on how next year's elections could shape up. >>> firefighters came to the aid of man's best friend this morning. they pulled a dog from the burning home. the fire broke out in the 7900 block of burnham wood drive. >> my crew went to the rear of the house to the basement. gained access into the house. came across a canine, a dog. i grabbed the dog, rescued it, brought it to the front side of the house. i made sure it was okay and handed it off to other crews to further help the canine. a second dog didn't survive. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>> sky 9 was also over a fire in potomac that is being blamed on a domestic dispute. flames broke out in the 10,800 block of old coach road. an 80-y
, and john kra cower. >>> plus, an exclusive interview with the architect of the obama campaign. an inside look at how he reached the white house and nearly one year after the election he has fulfilled his promises. with us, author of "the audacity to win." cam payne manager david plouffe. >>> but first, the treasury secretary timmy geithner, welcome back to "meet the press." >> good to be here. >> good economic news. the economy grew a little in the third quarter has people thinking things are better yet the market on friday dropped pretty sharply. does wall street think the recession is over? >> i think it is a good number. it was -- the growth was broad-based. it was investment, exports, consumption, housing for the first time, and it shows that just five months after the president came into office we got growth restarted, but it is just the beginning and we have a ways to go. unemployment is high and still rising. this is a very tough economy, still, for a huge numbers of american businesses, so we have a ways to go, david. >> do you think the recession is over? >> that's the judge the
recent federal action was an executive order, signed by president obama, making restoration of the chesapeake a national priority. >>> we have breaking news for you now. a car crashes into a house in north baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene now. captain mike perry with more. >> that's about the extent of it here. single vehicle accident. car versus a house. this is going to be at mcculloch street and whitelock. the single vehicle apparently lost control. driver lost control, collided with the home. you see some damage to a basement window there. apparently, no injuries to anyone inside. however, there were injuries to people inside the vehicle. two medic units on the scene. you can expect issues if you come northbound on whitelock from mcculloch. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much, cpts mike perry. >>> bob is here. and it's november. >> it's already november. can you believe it? thanksgiving right down the street. >>> let's take a look at temps and conditions. time to put your jerky out. >>> winds are calm. we'll come back and look at the rest of the
obama has phoned him and warned him that corruption must be tackled. the latest from washington in just a moment. first the bbc's ian panel from kabul. >> it's cost millions of pounds and dozens of lives to get to this moment. and it came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of call bull. >> we declare that mr. hamid karzai has gotten the majority of votes i the first round and he is the only candidate for the second round of elections of afghanistan in 2009, be declared as elected president of afghanistan. >> the head of the election board was -- with questions about fraud, corruptions and how a man who won less than half the votes could be president again. >> are you not embarrassed by the way this process has been conducted? >> embarrassed? yes? >> because you've been forced to withdraw a second round. >> that was a duty. the constituency -- >> world leaders have rushed to congratulate hamid karzai, but he emerges weaker than ever, in charge of a coury more divided and dangerous than at any point in the last eight years. >> the country was not really, and i want to say that pleas
and these are issues we will take up with president karzai. >> reporter: president obama is yet to decide if he will send tens of thousands of new troops to afghanistan. last month was the deadliest month since the war began eight months ago. >>> polls open in 26 hours in the governor's race and the candidates will stump for final undecided votes today. the latest polls show mcdonnell with a 12 percentage point lead. he visited weyers cave. democratic cab date creigh deeds spent sunday morning attending church and shaking hands in hampton, virginia. tim kaine turned out for the campaign. deeds is hoping to get support from the voters to turned out for president obama last fall. >>> and if you would like to learn more about the candidate for all of the races and valid questions for maryland and virginia we have a voters guide on our website at >>> our time to check in with "living $mart" reporter jessica doyle. what's going on? >> as for wall street today investors will react to news that cit filed for the fifth largest bankruptcy in history. the lender is a victim of the credit crunc
flu vaccine as a senior advisor to president obama says the government is catching up to the demand. david axelrod said ten million more doses will be available this week. independent health advisors will grin tracking the health of people who received the vaccine. >>> how did you spend your halloween this year? some local student got a treat they will nevr forget at the white house. we'll tell what you was in the goody bags that the president and mrs. bell atlantic -- and mrs. obama handed out. >>> tony will tell us what to expect outside today and we'll have a check on the traffic. s are -- p >>> a pretty happy scene for these students. they were at the whithouse. mrs.obama dressed up. the president dressed down a little bit. no word on where sasha and malia accept braitd. the couple handed out goody bags including white house m & m's, dried fruit and a cookie made by the white house pastry chef. >> white house archingly turned orange in honor of the holidays. actually turned orange in honor of the holidays. -- no word on where sasha and malia celebrated. >
of supporters who gave president obama a victory a year ago help to put him over the top. >> we are working as hard as we can to reach out to new and old voters. >> it has made us encouraged that we are up double-digits but only the feeling that we are on the right track. >> reporter: mcdonnell will be in our region. he has stops in prince william county and alexandria. and deeds will stop in alexandria. >>> if you would like to learn more about the candidates for all the races and ballot questions in virginia and maryland we have it on our website at >>> a push is on for private contractors to gave six partners the same benefits as married people in montgomery county. a bill is expected to be produced -- introduced this week. the "washington post" reports the measure has widespread support in the council. it could affect 450 firms if approved. >>> it is time for another living smart report. jessica doyle is back. hey, jess. >> reporter: that's right. we are talking able the economy week. it is a big week for taking a a pulse on how the economic recovery is doing. we kick off the
. >>> president obama called president karzai today to offer his congratulations. mr. obama says he's pleased that the final outcome was determined in occurrence with afghan law and he said that the u.s. and the international community will work closely with him but they want to see better governance and a sineer effort to eradicate corruption. >> he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment, but as i indicated to him, the proof is not in words it'll be indeeds. >> it is still not clear when president obama will announce the next steps that the u.s. will take in afghanistan. >>> a senior government official told the reuters news agency that mr. obama is not likely to announce a new strategy before he leaves for asia on november 11th. that trip is scheduled to be ten days' long. >>> the wave of terrorism in pakistan has prompted the united nations to suspend many of its operations there. 35 people were killed this morning in a bombing outside of a bank in ra wal bindy. a suicide bomb or a motorcycle blew himself up. hours later another suicide bombing ripped through a police
day long. >>> difficult decisions. the world awaits president obama's military plans for afghanistan after an unexpected political move. >>> then, cleveland murders. six dead women found in one home. a suspect's disturbing background. >>> and, millionaire fair. who's catering to the ultra-rich during a recession. >> everybody's talking about the crisis but we don't feel it. >> it's monday, november 2nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you recovering from all the candy this weekend? >> i didn't have that much. i see you've got a stockpile. >> i knew people were going to bring in candy. a good amount next to my desk. >> that's my favorite too, the kit kat. you're going to have to share that. >> i'll give you some. one kit kat. >> i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> it now appears hamid karzai will be the president of afghanistan for the next five years. his main challenger heading into a runoff election has dropped out. abdullah abdullah made the surprising announcement over the weekend. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says the administration will work with
.99. >>> and we are back joined by the architect of the obama campaign campaign manager david plouffe here for the first interview of his new book "the audacity to win." >> god to be here david. >> what's made news already is your conversation in the book your descriptions of what was going on for that choice for number two, specifically hillary clinton. and you write about that in the book. i'll put it up on the screen. baa rauk continued to be intrigued by hillary. you can quote him as saying -- >> not the least of which could team obama and team clinton really get along after such a tough fight? >> well one of the reasons i wanted to focus on was the mythology during the campaign that president obama did not take hillary clinton seriously as a vp. the truth is he did. the fact that he chose her as secrety of ste reflects on her leadership qualities and her skill. i think it is an interesting insight into the president. i think the way he handled the vp selection very thorough very ma thought call, who would be his first partner in government he chose joe biden a hug
obama's watch, majority of americans say our country is on the wrong track. john, who's to blame for this disaster? >> who's to blame for this is the war on wealth. look, they're trying to make the playing field level out there, but instead of trying to make the poor richer, they're trying to make the rich peer. that's working very well. look, sherwood forest worked great. robin hood was a thief. and the hypocrisy of this government, to turn around and leverage our entire country's future, the biggest deficit in our history, and then turn to the banks and say, by the way, guys, we don't want to you leverage your business. the government is saying do what we say, not what we do, and it's horrible and not working. >> christian, americans are saying the deficits and taxes and all this spending is worrisome to them, that they really are kind of taking the war out on the wealthy in this country to fix the problems that they're creating. >> you mean the war on the wealthy to fix the problems that the wealthy created. that seems fair to me. >> oh, come on. >> cheryl, you referenced that
momentum that president barack obama google -- duplicated one year ago. >to make that duplication, creih deeds will need northern virginia. after he finishes crisscrossing the rest of the state, he will finish right here in alexandria with a rally on market square in old town. >>> the latest survey shows that creigh deeds has to make quite a push to close this 18 point lead that bob mcdonnell has. all the republican candidates are leading in the statewide races. there is another tight race for governor in new jersey. yesterday, president barack obama hit the campaign trail again for democrat john corzine who is facing a tough battle for reelection against the republican chris christie. it could be a political embarrassment for the white house >>> hamid karzai is being congratulated on his re- election. that is only because the presidential runoff was canceled after his chief opponent suddenly dropped out. >> several weeks and more than $100 million later, afghanistan 's presidential election ended with the head of the election commission canceled the saturday run off and declared hamid k
the coldest air of the season on the way. president obama: we are americans. we're a forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped lead a movement... of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia! >>> welcome back. it's a potential huge blow to thousands of small and mid-sized businesses. cit group, the company that helps provide loans to keep them operated filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. after being denied another bailout by the government, the company was forced to file chapter 11. >> the potential ripple effect of cit's bankruptcy is large. if it can keep on lending while it reorganizes, we'll be okay. if not, there'll be businesses that fail on top of that. >> this is the fifth largest bankruptcy in u.s. history. it marks the first time the government has lost money through the tarp program. >>> health and consumer a
on president obama to decide on a new strategy for the war in afghanistan. the white house wanted to know who the winner would be before announcing whether the u.s. would spend additional troops to the war zone. the president's top adviser i says the decision is too important to rush. >> the goal is not to just make a judgment in the amount of troops but to make sure we have the right strategy to reach our goal. >> reporter: some want the commander in chief to act now. >> we have lost more soldiers in the last month than any previous time. it is time to send help. >> reporter: it could come in the form of 40,000 extra troops. the president's top advisers say he will make his decision in a matter of weeks. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> at least 30 people were killed by a suicide bomber in pakistan toe. the blast happened at a bank just a few miles from islamabad. another 45 people were injured. militants have killed 250 people since the beginning of october, and the government vows to continue its offensive against the taliban and al- qaeda. >>> authorities have put bounties on th
rescatados sino se resuelve el problema de fondo. pro otra parte el presidente obama dijo hoy día que el principal tampofoco de s explosión de la burbuja económica. >> después de haber rescatado la economía del borde del abismo la pregunta es como asegurarnos que la gente vuelva al trabajo y pueda mantener a sus familias afirmó y otros expertos con un desempleo del 9.8% el presidente obama advirtió que podrían haber más pérdidas de empleos e las próximas semanas o meses hizo un llamado a la innovación y astucia por parte de los sectores privados así como el gobierno y el congreso para crear trabajos en nuevos sectores. todo el equipo económico estamos tomando mucho tiempo para considerar diferentes acciones que el gobierno pueda tomar responsablemente. >> otras noticias económicas apuntaron a los gastos de construir apuntaron y los acuerdoss de ventas de propiedades también subieron un 6.1% en septiembre. en la casa blanca lourdes univisiónon. >> la empresanoticiero univisio reportar una ganancia sustancial diartuhtckslxkph@noticiero univ >> son números inmensos pero men
. is it all a referendum on president obama? >>> massive meat recall. more than 500,000 pounds of beef pulled from store shelves after one dies and more fall ill. what you need to look out for. >>> deadly stunt. a jury awards this woman's family over $16 million after she dies in a radio contest for a video game. her husband joins us live in a "gma" exclusive. >>> and how do they walk away from this. another unbelievable crash. but technology once again saves the day and the driver. good morning, everyone. hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. i'm robin roberts with chris cuomo. diane is on assignment on this monday, november 2nd. believe it or not we are less than 24 hours away from another election day and there are a few big races we're keeping an eye on. >> no question. halloween may have been saturday but the democrats are worried about the fright that may come tomorrow. repuicans are hoping this could be a referendum on the president. the democrats are hoping that the enusiasm from that campaign a year ago carries over. >> saw president obama in new jersey over the weekend. >> the late
president obama chooses, but we shouldn't fool ourselves that that's the path to peace. host: corning. caller: i would like to offer an opinion that obama's real plan right now is to use afghanistan and the troops as a bargaining chip on his insurance reform. host: how so? caller: well, if -- or health care reform, as he calls it. if it has a public option in it, he will have to satisfy the moderates in his party and that will mean sending the troops to afghanistan. if it does not support them, he will send his left -- he will have to satisfy the left wing of his party, and he will withdraw troops. host: do you draw the parallel? guest: there is no question there are challenges about where to place the financial resources. i don't know what's in the president's mind, and i think people that pretend to know are just that, pretending. is it a choice between health care and resourcing the war in afghanistan. i hope not. i hope that is not how the president is thinking about it. he is the one that referred to this as a necessary war. again, as i said earlier, i couldn't agree with him mor
tomorrow to elect a governor. and president obama has a stake in both races. karen brown reports for wjz. >> reporter: new jersey governor jon corzine is shaking all the hands he can. in a race that has come down to the wire, president obama has the democrats' back. >> to stand there and say he thinks jon corzine is a best partner for him. that's a strong message for our folks. and makes me feel really good. >> reporter: president obama makes five appearances for corzine. but republican challenger reports the win. corzine recognizes president obama's support is just one factor. >> you think he has the political clout to come in here. >> i think he is an important element that people will consider, if not the only element. >> reporter: they can shed light on how next year's critical midterm elections will shape up. and they are options seen as election for the president and his policy. >> the white house political team has the race at the top of its wash list. >> reporter: president obama also campaigned for virginia's creed. but deeds is trailing republican bob macdonald in the republica
has taken notice. >> and the obama administration recently said that the fox news organization is not a respectable news organization. there's a lot of fighting going on between them you know? and it's clear the president does not like them especially when the report from the white house, here, here take a look what happens with the fox reporter. >> where does the house bill stand over that air blower behind you? good morning. >> good morning, it's actually a weed whacker and hopefully they'll finish soon. (inaudibl (inaudible) >> i think we theede to ask caroline shively, what was it she was trying to say at the white house. well, this past week, a 20-year-old employee at a home depot in west palm beach was reportedly fired because he wore a button that said "one nation under god indivisible" a quote from the pledge of allegiance. and in massachusetts, a fitness center displayed an american flag and some patrons claimed that the flag was offensive it might be construed as being a christian symbol. i've heard it all now. to his credit the owner of this particular fitness cente
the white house's view of this network. even jay leno has taken notice. >> when the obama administration says that the fox news organization is not a respectable news organization, there is a lot of fighting going on between them. it's clear the president doesn't like them, especially the report from the white house. look at what happened with the fox reporter over the weekend. >> where does the house bill stand over the air blower behind me? good morning. >> good morning. it's actually a weed whacker, bill. hopefully they'll finish soon. >> i think we need to ask caroline shively what was it she was trying to say at the white house? well, this past week, a 20-year-old employee at home depot in palm beach was fired because he wore a button that said, "one nation under god indivisible." a quote from the pledge of allegiance. then a fitness center had a large flag and people complained, complained it was offensive because it might be construed as a christian sill bo -- symbol. i've heard it all now. the owner of the fitness center decided the flag would stay and the members who were offend
be an indication of how people feel president obama is doing and the democratic congress. back to you. >> thank you. >>> and for all of the latest as voters head to the polls tomorrow, keep it here on fox 5 and you can watch the results on >>> a mass murder scene in ohio. the bodies of half a dozen women are found in a man's home. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  >>> a bizarre crime unfolding in cleveland, ohio where police found the bodies of six women decomposing inside the home of a registered sex offender. the coroner said the women were all murdered. cleveland police made the discovery while attempting to arrest anthony soul on rape charges. >>> a man suspected in the fatal shootings of four men at a north carolina television shop has been captured in virginia. police in mount airy, north carolina say marcos chavez gonzalez was arrested early this morning at a hotel nearby near the virginia state line. he was wanted in the kill go ahead of four men on sunday. police say they don't believe the shootings were random. >>> a bombing outside bank has kill
of the assets. >>> the pressure is on, president obama. and it's growing this noon. now that afghan's disputed election is settled, the president must decide quickly about a new strategy for the war. >> reporter: hamid karzai will serve another five-year term, as president of afghanistan. that country's election commission declared karzai the winner, after his opponent dropped out of the race. >> i was not participate in the november 7th election. >> reporter: abdullah abdullah and karzai were supposed to face off in a second round of voting voting this coming saturday. but that's been canceled. the original election in august was tarnished by fraud. investigators threw out one- third of karzai's vote, after finding widespread evidence of ballot-box stuffing. when abdullah announced he was dropping out, he said he department didn't think things would be any more fair in the second round. >> reporter: this puts more pressure on the obama administration. >> the president's top advisers say the decision is too important to rush. >> the goal here is to not just make an arith mattic judgment about
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